Jetter Nozzles

The Basic Package, these nozzles are the standard tools of the trade. Our basic kit includes the following jetter nozzles.

The “Penetrator” Nozzle Is For Breaking Up Clogs…4, 20 Deg. Rear Jets Thrust The Nozzle And Hose Into The Drain Fast While The Forward Facing Jet Breaks Clogs To Get The Drain Flowing Again.
The “Flusher” Nozzle Is For Cleaning The Pipe Walls And Flushing The Debris From The Drain, 6 Rear Jets At A 35 Deg Angle Clean The Pipe Walls, While Having All Jets Rear Facing Focus All The Energy For Best Cleaning Results.
The “Pusher” Nozzle Has 3 Forward Facing Jets At A 10 Deg. Angle Toward The Pipe Wall To Clean The Pipe In Front Of The Nozzle And Push Debris Toward The Main Line, 6 Rear Jets Thrust The Nozzle Into The Drain. Also An Effective Tool For Breaking Up Grease And Ice Blockages.
The “Spinner” Nozzle Has 2 Rear Facing Rotating Jets At A 45 Deg. Angle To The Pipe Wall. Effective As A Final Cleaning Of The Pipe, While The Distinctive Sound Tells You It Working.

These 4 nozzles make up the basic package included with our entire line of Jetters, replacements can be ordered as a kit or by the individual nozzle type. Our basic kit also includes a nozzle extension pipe for safe work in larger drains. All Jetters Northwest nozzles are custom drilled from stainless steel and Flow and Pressure tested for proven performance


Poor performing and low efficiency nozzles can have a dramatic effect on your jetters ability to clean drains. Maximize the cleaning effectiveness of your JETTERS NORTHWEST unit, or any other jetter by adding or upgrading your basic nozzles to high efficiency nozzles or by adding specialized tools designed to perform common jobs such as root cutting, descaling, pipe bottom/culvert cleaning, or grease removal

The Warthog Cutter Jetter Nozzle

The Industries must have tool, the Warthog Jetter Nozzle, multiplies the effectiveness of any jetter, it’s controlled rotation action and offset forward scouring jet is ideal for cleaning grease and roots.

Available for a variety of jetter flows and pressures, and suitable for a wide range of pipe sizes. See the list below. Other sizes are available.

Jetter Nozzle Jetter NozzleChain Cutters / Scraper Nozzles

Chain cutters are highly effective and fast tools for removal of grease, scale, and tree roots. Chain or wire cable spins at high speeds to beat up anything that gets in the way.

Available for Jetters from 8 GPM and for use with 3/8 in. or 1/2 in. Hose, we also offer chain cutters and nozzles for your truck and trailer mounted equipment sized from 3/4 in. to 1-1/4 in.

JNW-1/2-Turbo, Uses A High Speed Turbine Drive And Comes In 1/2 And 3/4 Inch Sizes, Highly Effective At Flows As Low As 8 GPM And 4000 PSI
JNW-1/2-HD Heavy Duty Chain Cutter, Heavy Duty Roller Chain Cuts Through The Toughest Blockages, Use With 12-18 GPM, Larger Models Available To Clean Up To 48” Pipe

Jetter NozzleJNW – Grease Hog

Reduced Speed spinner, simple and effective spinner for clearing grease lines. The rotation is slowed by the angle of the jets without the use of friction or oil controlled nozzles. Comes in the combination, descaling pattern shown, as well as rear facing, forward facing and forward combination. 4 fixed rear jets provide thrust.

Jetter Nozzle Jetter NozzleChisel Nozzle

The chisel nozzle beats up blockages with sharp, hardened edges and multiple forward jets. A maximum thrust angle on the rear jets give it hard pulling and hammering power. Use it to open clogged lines quickly and pound away at hardened debris.

Jetter NozzleDrill Tip Chisel

Like the chisel nozzles above but with a sharp drill point to penetrate grease and root balls, 2 side jets in the drill tip explode clogs.

Jetter Nozzle

JNW – Jackhammer

Off center rotating collar creates extreme vibration, while the heavy re-enforced body acts as a jackhammer to break up mortar, or concrete that hardens in drain lines

(Not for use in Clay Pipe)

Jetter Nozzle Jetter NozzleTip Drill / Orifice Cleaner

Quit messing around with welding tip cleaners, these drill sets clean and de-burr your nozzles to keep them working at their best. The drill set with holder (shown at right) holds 12 drills in the handle and has a magnet on the end for picking up drills even when wearing gloves.

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